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Title: Mudita
part 3
Rating NC17 for swear words and sexing between guys
Warnings for slash and the beginnings of polyamory between three dudes.
Series:  Uncharted, Assassin's Creed 2.  Spoilers for neither
Characters: Nathan Drake, Shaun Hastings, Desmond Miles
Uncharted is owned by Naughty Dog, AC is owned by Ubisoft. I own nothing.

This had been intended as a three parter but the new UC3 trailer of Nathan Drake in a suit may lead me to write a smutty corollary to this.

Previous chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

For all those stopping by, please feel free to leave a note, feedback, criticism- anything at all.  Whether you liked it or hated it, I would love to know why.


The prissy old man at the front desk wasn’t used to three filthy, exhausted men dragging themselves into his very posh lobby so he took very little time to find them a room.  Had to get them away from the proper clientele, right?  If Shaun wasn’t so tired, he’d have shown the pompous arse how big a bastard he could be but making a scene was the last thing he wanted to do.  What he wanted was to be away to shake off a snaking tension that coiled at the base of his skull, putting him on edge.

From the looks of it, he wasn’t the only one who felt that way.   Nate couldn’t stop fidgeting as he paid some outrageous sum for their room with the credit card of some unfortunate named Harold Flynn. Desmond had his hood up as he leaned against the wall, scuffing at the floor with his heel like a six foot child impatiently waiting for his mum.

Italian lifts were far too small to fit three grown men even in fancy hotels like this one but they bustled in, eager to finally get a chance to relax.  All three of them were taut and tight, restlessness keeping them in motion.

Shaun could feel Nate burning a hole in the back of his head, close enough to smell the sweat and grime on the man.  The scent was not… unpleasant but his mouth was moving before he knew what he was doing. “Feeling threatened by my rugged masculinity?” he snapped, cursing this apprehension for shortening an already short fuse.

“What the hell were you thinking back there?” the American asked softly, more in a daze than with any malice.

Feigning ignorance might have worked for anything else but adrenaline flooded through Shaun, memory coming at him hard, all in a rush; his shoulders screaming in agony; clinging to Nate’s life with one hand, desperately holding onto his own with the other. “I couldn’t let you die, you fool.” 

“But you were ready to go down with me.” Nate’s whisper was full of disbelief.  “For nothing.”

“Not for nothing!” he snapped back, irritated at his inability to contain his ire.  Couldn’t this blasted elevator move any faster?

Nate shifted against him and the air grew stifling.  It only made it more shocking that Nate directed his next entreaty at Desmond.  “Back me up a little here. This sure as hell won't be the last time we're in danger.  How would you feel if he sacrificed himself for me?  Or for you?”

Desmond said nothing but now wore the same stare that had haunted Nate. 

Feeling the weight of too many eyes on him, Shaun shoved past the two men as soon as the elevator pinged that they’d reached their destination.  “I’m not sure if you sustained a head injury or if you are just getting senile in your old age but I’m the one that decides what I do and don’t do, thank you very much!”

Stomping down the hallway, Shaun found their room and struggled with the overly complicated keyed lock until.  It finally gave a satisfying click and he forced the door open. 

The air conditioned coolness was a balm after the oppressive air of the lift.  The room was quite the step up from their last set of accommodations; a massive bed even by American standards, more pillows than a sane person knew what to do with.  None of this interested him though; Shaun made a beeline for something else entirely.

There was a simple, undisputed fact; mini-bars were the greatest invention in history.  In no time at all, Shaun had the small refrigerator open and pulled out the first alcoholic thing he could find.  Labels, brands and flavor were of little concern and half of the beer’s contents were leaving a pleasant burn down the back of his throat before he permitted himself to speak again.

Two men hovered just inside the room’s entrance, watching Shaun warily. 

“Now you know how it feels!" he shouted at them, pawing away an errant drop hanging at the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.  "You two prats putting yourselves in danger is not something I enjoy watching!”  He downed the remainder of his beer and without hesitation reached for his second, anger still burning bright.  “Neither of you get to tell me when my life is worth risking!” 

Noticing the shake in his hands, Shaun took a deep breath.  “Cheers,” he said, offering a mollified little toast before downing his second beer in one go.

His pulse shot into the stratosphere as Desmond approached. “That’s not what he meant and you know it,” was the reprimand as Desmond moved past him.  Two more beers were retrieved from the fridge.  “You’re important to me.  And important to Nate too.”  Desmond handed one of the beers to Nate, who accepted it with no small amount of surprise. “Right?”

Nate studied Desmond with an analytical eye before giving a silent nod of acknowledgement. Together they raised their beers, glass clinking as their drinks touched. 

The two men echoed ‘cheers’ back at Shaun and good god, they were beautiful; throats looking long and lean as they both quickly polished off a bottle of their own.

 “I always knew you both had terrible judgment,” Shaun mumbled, unable to take his eyes off them.  “Now I have proof.” 

Again he could feel their eyes on him.

And it was breathtaking.

How alike they were; close in build- Nate just an inch or so taller than Desmond, but Desmond a little broader in the shoulders, both with those prismatic honey-hazel eyes that were an infinite number of colors depending on the day.  Even their voices were close- rich and warm and so often laced with humor.   Both strong yet flawed; disciplined yet childish. Perfectly imperfect. So alike, yet so different. 

No sane person would have been able to give up either of them. 

“I think we have pretty decent taste so try to remember that,” Desmond began again, looking decidedly dangerous with those eyes glittering gold in the low light. “Like Nate said, trouble finds us whether we want it to or not…”

“Which means don’t get killed or we’ll find you and kick your ass to hell and back,” Nate finished.

Alcohol-fueled adrenaline had Shaun stepping toe to toe with them, flush suffusing his face.  “That goes for both of you as well! I’m not the only one who takes stupid risks like deliberately triggering the bleeding effect!”  he yelled, thumping a guilty Desmond in the chest with the jab of a finger before moving on to the other man. “Or using yourself as bait!”

Nate received his poke with a slow smile, voice turning to honey and smoke.  “You know, you’re adorable when you’re angry.”  

“Fuck off!” Shaun snarled back, nearly apoplectic at the chuckle from Desmond beside him. 

Suddenly Shaun couldn’t think anymore with Desmond very up close and personal. “He’s right.  You are adorable when you’re angry.”

Good lord, just breathing Desmond in sent a jolt straight through him and that was before there was even a kiss.  That shut everything down; just perfect, lips and tongue rough and ready with the right amount of violence.  Shaun was slow to come out of his daze when they came up for air, too thickheaded to realize Desmond had put a hand out to bar Nate from passing until he had done so.

 “Sorry. I should have known that might scare you off again,” Desmond said softly.

Shooting back a guilty glance, Nate rushed through his words.  “What are you talking about?  I was just gonna-”

Desmond’s answer was resolute.  “You’re not going anywhere.” 

“No.”  Nate broke past, trying to get away.  “I don’t get this.  Whatever the hell… this is,” he stated, arms waving uselessly in air between the three of them. “Waking up in a big pile is something I could get used to but I don’t want to get mixed up in this if it makes me the third wheel."

Nose wrinkling in surprise, Desmond asked “Who said anything about being a third wheel?”

It was so honest a question it blasted Shaun out of his unreasoning anger. 

There would be no need to choose between them if it was the three of them.


And there it was.  That tension that had been humming at the base of his skull, undefined and keeping him on edge, burst like a soap bubble, disappearing as if it never existed.

Outwardly, Nate looked as stunned as Shaun felt.  “You really think-“

“I think that this has the potential to be bigger than any one of us,” Desmond answered in all seriousness. “I think we make one hell of a team.” A quirk of a smile crossed his face.  “And to be honest-“

Oxygen up and vanished from the room once Shaun got a front row seat of Desmond dragging Nate in for a kiss. 

It was achingly intimate to watch the two men analyze each other for a brief moment before they began.  What started tentative quickly devolved into a battle.  A shot of heat straight through Shaun as the two tore into each other right in front of him.   He would have had to have been dead to not moan with them as they broke apart, both looking thoroughly wanton.

The two rested their foreheads together as they caught their breath, Desmond breaking into a soft smile as he took in their fluster with a stolen glance between the three of them.  “From the looks of things,” he murmured.  “I don’t think any of us are going to have a problem with it.” 

He caught Shaun with a look and stared him dead in the eye, tongue flashing out to catch the scar on his lips.  “You okay with this?”

“I suppose-“   A crack in Shaun’s voice forced him to clear his throat. “I suppose I could be persuaded to see the merits of your arguments.”

Desmond let out a puff of a laugh.  The suggestive eyebrow he raised towards Nate was heart stopping.  “You wanna help me persuade him?”

Lips pursed, Nate pretended taking his time to consider this but that deadly twinkle was in his eye. “Fuck yes.”

With that as his only warning, Shaun was under attack on two fronts. 

No way to escape it and he’d be a fool to try.  Even with eyes closed he could tell the difference between the pair of mouths that were on him: Nate playful and teasing, Desmond firm but sensual.  “Oh god.”  The moan escaped from him before he could help it and the laughter against his skin went straight to his cock.

"Hmm, not bad," murmured Desmond conversationally, nipping at the expanse of skin under Shaun's ear.  "Got anything else?

"I've got a few tricks up my sleeve," Nate mentioned before laving a long line up the throat in front of him with his tongue.

Lost in a fog of lust and annoyance, Shaun tried not to be so obvious that he was exposing his neck for more contact. "For Christ’s sake, I'm right here you bastards!" 

They eased up and the three of them were inches apart, listening to one another breathe. 

For all his confidence, Desmond suddenly looked very uncertain.  “One last chance.” Eyes flashed between one man and the other.  “No harm, no foul if you back out now.”

“Have you gone certifiably insane?  Why on earth would I want to do that?”

“So it’s agreed, then?” Nate asked with a winning smile.  He threw an arm around them as two smiles joined his. “Everybody into the pool.”

God, it was like an explosion of hands, all of them reaching every which way in a race, touching, teasing, testing. It was Shaun that had his fingers threaded in the scalps of both men though, pulling them both to him to briefly kiss one, then the other.  The aura of it was deliciously heady all too quickly; sucking on Nate’s full bottom lip, there was a scrape of Desmond’s stubble at his jaw.  A sudden switch and Desmond was tracing his teeth with his tongue, while Nate tickled at his ear lobe.  This interplay continued; bodies pressing together more and more and when Nate caught Desmond’s mouth again, Shaun couldn’t leave them alone, delivering small bites anywhere he could reach. 

There was delirium; soft, sinful noises filled the air, making it impossible to tell who gave voice to them.

Someone’s hand was down the back of his pants and Shaun had no idea who was pushing up the edge of his jumper.  He returned the favor, lending a hand to help Nate tease open Desmond’s jeans while feeling Nate jump under his hand as he caressed inner thigh.

The room’s coolness couldn’t keep up with the heat three grown men could generate. Letting out a broken groan, Desmond tore at his hoody, too frantic to bother unzipping it before trying to pull it over his head.

Nate flashed an impish leer and tackled Desmond in this moment of weakness, momentum carrying them both to the bed. With an evil laugh at Desmond’s muffled ‘fucker!’, Nate was more than happy to finish removing the tangled hoody from his perch atop the man’s hips.    The laugh melted into a low moan as Shaun joined them, pressing them both to the bed.

“You’re trapped, Drake,” Shaun growled into his ear.  “This time you’ve got no way out.”

“Why the hell would I want out of this?” and Nate writhed in between them, earning him more than one tortured sigh. 

They stayed like this for a while, simply moving against each other, each one getting used to the feel of the other through and underneath their clothes.  The sounds.  Good god, the sounds they made and Shaun was right there with them, matching them moan for filthy, little moan.

He knew he must have looked a right mess; lips swollen, heat creeping up his face. Unsure of when exactly his belt had been unbuckled and his trousers undone but absolutely confident that it hadn’t been him that did it.  A thrill of satisfaction went through him to see the other two men so similarly disheveled.

Desmond began tossing and turning underneath them.  “I gotta… please.. let me-“  What he lacked in coherence, he made up for in strength to arch up into them, spine bowing to lift two grown men by digging his heels into the bed.  He flipped them and it was a scramble of desperation all over again.

A tug brought Shaun’s trousers past his hips and he flopped to one side at the shock of a hand freeing him from his boxers.  “Christ!” was all he could manage as a hot mouth engulfed him.  Desmond was on him, licking, teasing, mouthing the shaft of him while Nate watched enrapt, encouragingly kneading any exposed skin he could find.  Shaun was ready to ask what the hell Nate was waiting for but the pleasant shock of cool air hitting where Desmond had left saliva-slicked skin made him lose what little mind he had left. 

“Making other plans, Drake?”  Desmond asked simply. 

Nate stared down at him, arousal thinning his irises into thin hazel bands.  “Not by a long shot.”  The man pounced, Desmond opening up to him as Nate lapped at his mouth and Shaun nearly came right there and then at the two men openly sharing what there was of his own flavor on Desmond’s tongue.

Never one to stand idle, Shaun reached for Nate. Parting the man’s trousers earned him a loud ‘sh-sh-shit!’ once he took the head of Nate into his mouth.  He sucked gently on the smooth surface, tongue curling against the underside; just a touch more adept at this since their youthful fumblings at university.  At least, Nate seemed to concur, head tossed back in abandon.

So intent on what he was doing, Shaun nearly leaped out of his skin at warm breath at his belly button that marked Desmond’s return.  Being engulfed in one go had Shaun humming around the cock he held in his mouth.  Nate twitched and bucked so hard at the sensation that it looked it ended in collapse.  In truth, he had descended on Desmond instead, the other man parting his long legs to allow Nate free rein to do as he wished.

They arranged themselves into a chain, each body twisting up, using mouths and hands to worship at the other’s cock; a Möbius strip of flesh.  No beginning, no end.  Even the clothing they wore was of little barrier, each man gaining access as they saw fit.  If one paid careful attention, you could note the differences between them; Desmond’s throaty moan that had Shaun at a whimper that in turn set off tiny, little grunts from Nate before the cycle began again. 

Things turned rougher the closer to the edge they pushed each other; no more teasing, just suction and movement and tactile energy making them all erratic as they gave and received.  Close himself, it was Shaun who succeeded first, using his familiarity with Nate to push the man over his noisy edge. Even fully vocal he never stopped lavishing attention, mouth still working Desmond as he came.   This was more than enough for Desmond who was impressively indecent in his own right. That deep rumble of a groan completely wrapped around his cock had Shaun cresting right along with them.

Afterwards, they lay sprawled out alongside each other, completely uncaring at their obvious disarray.

“Everybody good?” asked Desmond.  Unable to open his eyes, his hands still managed to settle on both of the men around him.

“Good,” Shaun babbled, body still shaking from aftershocks. “Good, good, more than good.  Bloody fantastic.”

“You know,” Nate panted at the ceiling. “I think I like this teamwork business.”

They all murmured in agreement as they let themselves float down into sleep.


Date: 2011-03-13 05:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yumearashi.livejournal.com
*approves this post* ^_^

Date: 2011-03-13 11:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
lol. thanks! The three of them are the smexy

Date: 2011-03-13 11:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wanderingflame.livejournal.com
Weeeell, you already know I was looking forward to this and you did not disappoint! I'm glad they finally all got the message and discovered what a wonderful thing teamwork is. As usual, their banter was great and I loved the image of Desmond and Nate tag-teaming Shaun and that eventually dissolving into wrestling on the bed. Oh, and I really liked the phrasing "a Möbius strip of flesh".

I did see one tiny typo: He returned the favor, lending a hand to help Nate tease open Desmond’s jeans while feeling Nate j-ump under his hand as he caressed inner thigh.

Date: 2011-03-13 11:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
Hee! I'm glad you liked it. I really wanted to make it so that the sex was equitable rather than two people having sex with one person at the same time. I still need to do the suit porn epilogue.

Thanks for the catch. Not sure how that stray hyphen got in there. Sneaky thing.

Date: 2011-03-17 06:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ninja-d0rk.livejournal.com
Hot damn, sir. Hot. Damn.

Day made. Actually, early morning made. It's 1AM. I should sleep. Or I could read all this over again. Ah, life's difficult choices.

Date: 2011-03-17 10:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
thanks so much! I was floored that there wasn't more of UC/AC around and it's very necessary. I'm glad others think so too

Date: 2011-04-28 06:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] the-everbright.livejournal.com
"Desmond had his hood up as he leaned against the wall, scuffing at the floor with his heel like a six foot child impatiently waiting for his mum." It's Des all over Especially since the games make him pretty passive. He doesn't get the chance to act, instead of react.

"Nose wrinkling in surprise, Desmond asked “Who said anything about being a third wheel?” I WANT TO BELIEVE in a Desmond who think sex is sex and doesn't care about bits or numbers, except for logistics. He was on his own since he was 16, right? He didn't have a reason not to say yes to anyone who offered a little comfort for the night.

I LIKE Nate and Desmond being roughly physical with each other. *shivers*

"If one paid careful attention, you could note the differences between them..." slightly awkward. Maybe try putting it in Shaun's head?

Date: 2011-04-28 10:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
That is precisely where I'm coming from with Desmond. Aside from the fact that he ran off as a teenager, I also imagine that sexuality among the Assassins became fluid by necessity as they became more insular and communal with the Templars hunting them down.

Thanks so much! I'll see what I can do to rework it.


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