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Title: Child's Play
Chapter 11
Fandoms: Assassin's Creed 2/Doctor Who
Spoilers for AC2: endgame, for DW, bits of season 5
Warnings: Slash content
Pairings: Shaun/Desmond, Ezio/Leonardo
Rating for this chapter is barely PG 13.  other chapters as high as NC17
I own neither AC or DW and make no money from this.

Critique encouraged and I am grateful for all feedback.

Summary:  Leonardo receives a visit from an old friend.  This goes about as well as one would expect when the Doctor is involved.

A/N:  I had already planned on using something like the new Eagle Sense discussed in ACR before ACR was a glint in Ubisoft's eye.  I'm stickin' to my guns, dagnabbit.  Hopefully I'll get this done before ACR shits all over this story but I tried that for ACB and look how well that turned out.
Must be read in order to make any sense whatsoever
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Yet another corridor stretched out before them, just as austere and ominous as the last. The lack of resistance while deep in the heart of Absertgo had them all on edge. Wall after wall of featureless gray steel had become monotonous, repetitive.

Perhaps too repetitive.

"Doctor-" Leonardo paused, permitting the Doctor to blithely barrel on ahead. "I believe we've have been down this way before."

“We're nearly there, I'm sure of it!” The Doctor threw a summoning hand in the air, not even breaking stride. “Don't worry, old chap. After running through these things a while they all look the same but you'll get used to it after a few decades. Now come along! Time’s a wasting!”

The rest of their party fell into place at Leonardo’s side, the artist resolutely rooted to the spot.

“Permit me to rephrase that,” he called out to the Doctor’s oblivious back. “We most assuredly have been down this way before.”

The angular man finally came to a halt but only because he’d run out of corridor. "No!" he countered boldly, contemplating which way to turn. This confidence faltered when it sank in that not a single person followed. “You sure?”

“Quite sure.” A hint of amusement danced at the edge of Leonardo’s lips as he ruched up his shirtsleeve. His bared forearm held a clean set of inked lines and intersections that marked their path. “Not the best canvas but I thought it wise to track our path when we passed through here the third time.”

“Third time!” The Doctor had little issue shoving others out of his way to examine the improvised map. “Rubbish! I know when we made that left-”

"I knew it!" Amy crossed her arms across her chest, throwing up a giant flag of annoyance. "We're lost!"

Sparing the tiniest of milliseconds to give her a heated look, the Doctor returned to study the canvas of pale skin. "Bite your tongue! This tells me exactly where we are!”

Leonardo gently extricated his arm from the Doctor’s grasp. “And where would that be?”

“We are…” The Doctor was a flurry of coat tails as he spun, wetting a finger to test the air. “We… are…” Stopping on a dime, he radiated the despondency of a child who'd dropped their ice cream cone. “We are lost!”

This was much less surprising than it should have been.

“Fucking fantastic.” Shaun tried to knead away the headache he knew would be forthcoming. “And how would you suggest we become un-lost?”

The Doctor was already too wrapped up in his own conversation to notice. “I knew we should have turned left two rights and a left ago! Or was that a right two lefts and a right ago?”

Adam kept a cautious distance from them all. “So you have no idea where you are going. Why did you not simply follow their trail?”

The question burst through the Doctor's musings, curiosity burning brightly enough that he could have spontaneously combust. “Trails? What trails?”

“Their path,” Adam answered warily, testing for some sort of trick. “The trail that all things leave.” His confusion unfurled at the blank stare he got in return. “You don’t have the sight.” Adam sounded vaguely disappointed. “So you truly are not one of the First?”

Before Adam could finish his thought, Ezio managed to latch onto one word. “The sight. You see your enemies revealed. As well as places to take safe harbor.”

A hesitant smile made Desmond appear before them for the briefest of moments. “Yes. You know of it.”

Then with no words spoken, the two men underwent a transformation as one. Eyes lighting up in a golden glow that was otherworldly, they searched together.

“We both have the gift.” Ezio drew closer. They were pressed for time but the possibilities were far too tantalizing.“But you say you can do more. How?”

“There is more challenge in it than I first suggest.” Adam encouraged the other man to his side to stand shoulder to shoulder, looking too much like brothers with eyes shining like the sun. “Each choice a person makes reveals their intent, shapes our view of them. Our ability permits us to do this in an instant, coloring those we meet as friend or foe.”

This did little to unravel the snarl in Ezio's confusion. “But to see where they've been, even after they're long gone...”

“Why not?” Adam countered smoothly. “Everything that moves through this world no matter how insignificant leaves marks of its passing.”

“Please. Show me,” Ezio demanded, urgently searching the other man's face. “I have yet to meet others who share this gift except-” His voice turned to gravel. “Those whose knowledge died with them.”

Wounds long healed were freshly bleeding from that confession. Adam began his lesson in tender sympathy. “Just as in all things, to see more, one needs focus.” Clarity. The traces of those you seek can reveal themselves in small ways, leaving a mark as if they travel the sands after a hard day’s rain.”

Gritting his teeth, Ezio searched and searched. “I… I don’t…”

“No.” The rebuke was gentle, kind. “Can you force yourself to taste sweeter than sweet? This is a part of you. Feel it in your bones.”

His frustration weighted him down and Ezio struggled to shake it off. A soothing hand at his shoulders brought with it echoes of his father and-

Finally, there was a glimmer. A ghost moving out of the corner of the eye.

Pulse hammering away in his ears, Ezio was breathless at the first hint of red, indistinct at first but becoming clearer than clear.

As clear as footprints made upon sand after a hard day’s rain.

Ezio finally let go the breath he was holding. “Dio mio!” He fought the urge to sprint, to chase the source of the shadows, afraid they might disappear at any moment. “How is this possible?”

Adam offered a lopsided smile that held no humor in it. “Another gift from the First.”

“Fascinating.” The Doctor pierced the two men with his gaze, more than deadly serious. “It seems the First did more meddling than I first suspected. What other little tricks do you have up your sleeves, hmm?”

The tension was broken as he brought his hands together into a thunderclap and the smile on his face was as warm as ever. “But this means you can get us to the repository. Simply marvelous!”

“Too bad you couldn't admit you were lost fifteen minutes ago!” Even said under her breath, Amy's pointed comment didn't go unnoticed.

"I should have spoken sooner.” Adam's eyes dimmed as he turned to her in all apology. "I thought the Doctor had some method to his-“ He trailed off into nothing, eyes blazing to life once more at the sight of her.

Shaun needed to ask even if he was painfully sure that he already knew the answer. “Is everything all right?”

“I... I do not know.” Adam slowly moved towards the girl, as if trying not to startle the girl. “You. Amy.”

She tried to hid the tremble from his inspection, feeling too much like a bug under glass. “Yeah? I…I mean.. That’s my name. What's it to you?”

“Your other half.” Adam couldn't look away, words colored with horror. “Where is he?”

Stock still, her voice was flat, lifeless. “What?”

“Well, now that that's sorted, we should be on our way!’ the Doctor announced loudly, seizing Adam by the arm and steering him far clear of his stunned companion. “We’ve got to get going on this repository business, now don’t we?”

“What do you mean?” Amy’s paralysis was temporary, shattered as soon as the connection was broken. “Doctor! What does he mean?”

“We were just going to have a little chat about that! Don't you worry!” the Doctor shot over his shoulder, full of false joviality. Once he created some distance between them, that good humor went up in smoke.

“I can only begin to guess what it is you see,” he began with Adam watching him warily. “But she knows none of it. There are forces at work, forces that have written Ror-”

He balked at the name as if it had become a physical blow. “Written what you call her ‘other half’ out of existence. She cannot, must not know any of it. Not now.” The Doctor’s jaw worked hard, as if he himself could not stand the bitter taste of his own words. “Not yet.”

He turned back to her, Adam following his gaze. “Do you understand?”

Amy was staring back at them, fear coming off of her in waves. When Leonardo came up to her with tender words of concern to soothe…

All of her fright, her terror. Gone. All gone. Washed away as if none of it had existed.

She gave the artist a befuddled shake of the head, opening up to him in all playfulness.

Leonardo permitted himself a startled glance at the two men watching the scene unfold, a thousand questions flying behind keen blue eyes.

It was the Doctor who was the first to look away.

Adam let out the breath he was holding. “I do not envy you, Doctor.”

“No one ever does.” The Doctor's warm smile returned, even if it had lost a little of its shine. “Shall we be off? We’re rather late for our appointment.”

The two assassins guided them through their backtracking, following a trail that only they could see.

Leonardo added more ink to the network of lines crisscrossing his forearm with every turn. “If the pattern holds true,” he offered quietly. “the repository won't have more than but one or two means of access.”

“Of course it won't!” the Doctor scoffed. “I think it’s in the contract when you agree to have an ‘evil lair’.”

“I don’t like this,” Shaun added from the rear, making sweep after paranoid sweep for an attack from behind them. “We must be close by now yet we've still seen no one.”

There was a grunt of agreement from Ezio. “They’ve completely gone to ground. The whole thing reeks of a trap.”

“Par for the course, I guess,” Amy sniffed offhand. “What I don't get is that for being the bad guys, they're not very shooty.”

“They want something.” The Doctor continued to storm on ahead, unphased. “Or more specifically 'someone'. Things that are dead tend to be less than cooperative.”

“Desmond.” Shaun's answer was tinged with bitterness. “They want Desmond.”

“Excellent!” the Doctor crowed. “They'll be getting more than they bargained for.”

“So what’s the plan this time, then?” Amy demanded, nearly sprinting to catch up with his pace.

“Plan?” The answer was breezy, light as the wing beat of a butterfly. “The usual. We find the bad guys and we stop them.”

This managed to freeze everyone in their tracks.

“Are you serious?” Shaun was ready to explode. “Wander about until we find the place, ring the door bell and ask if we can come inside? That's your plan?”

The Doctor began to wring his hands. “Well, it usually ends up being more sophisticated then that but…” He tapered off, voice dipping to no more than a whisper. “But that’s usually the gist of it, yes.”

Laughter from Adam was a pleasant surprise. “Doctor, for one so ancient you surely-”


Ezio staggered under the wall of emotion thrust into his mind, startled to find Adam and the Doctor doing the same. “What was that?”

It was Leonardo who caught him, arms offering strength and support. “What is it? What has happened?”


“Doctor!” Amy was nearly in tears as she propped the man against a wall, watching him shake and shiver. His hands were pressed to his ears as he tried to shut out the world. “Talk to me!”

Shaun had a shoulder for Adam, whose knees were buckling. "Maybe a psychic attack. Adam!" he demanded of the ashen faced man. "Desmond! Can you hear me?"

The man he held let out a groan from a deep, dark place. "No."

Adam stood a little straighter, fueled by his outrage. “It is here!” he railed at the ceiling, face screwing up in an anguish that threatened to smother him.

“Do you know what it asks of you?” he roared at empty air, words for no one and everyone. He clung to Shaun, quaking fists balling up the man's shirt as his fury transmuted to grief. “It promises power but the price is too great!”

The Doctor was there, determined. “You know what that was. You've seen it before.”

“Tell, me, Doctor.” Adam collected himself in a single deep breath and could have been made of stone but for his tears. “Have you any children? ”

The man who had stared down armies, who had seen entire planets -whole galaxies- destroyed in the blink of an eye turned pale faced at the question. “W...why- That's.... I-”

“Could you forget the thing that took your sons from you?” The question was so softly offered that all had to strain to hear it.

“Cain,” Shaun supplied breathlessly. “Abel.”

The names said aloud made Adam's anguish a physical thing. “I held my child as he bled out his last, cut down by his own brother. How could I forget the Sword of Eden?”

Date: 2011-06-20 04:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bouncyballparty.livejournal.com
*brb, flipping my shit in enthusiasm*

I love how exciting this series is, how each chapter fills me with more and more happiness (and anticipation). Absolutely adore the pacing and the dialogue and the crossover that somehow just works too well.

And Adam! He's seriously one of my favorite characters right now.

Don't ever stop this awesome right here.

Date: 2011-06-20 04:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
LOL! Thanks! I love the fit of these two series and it delights me to no end to find others who feel the same. I'm glad you like Adam- making up a personality whole cloth from 30 seconds of screen time and 4 words of dialogue was a bit of a risky proposition.

Date: 2011-06-20 08:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nothingtoregret.livejournal.com
You wrote more! *bounces happily* I love your characterisation so much, I can hear their voices when I read and that really makes me ridiculously happy. Especially the Doctor! And I really do love your Adam too! And you make Amy more likeable than the series!

I'm just going to sit here squeeing quietly now.

Date: 2011-06-20 10:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
I'm so glad you like it. I have a few more things planned...

Date: 2011-06-21 02:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] goldeneagle.livejournal.com
I don't actually watch Dr. Who (though I am aware of vague snippets of plot thanks to my fangirl buddies), but heyyyyyy that doesn't actually impact my experience all that much, for which I am incredibly grateful! I'm going to go ahead and echo what everyone else is saying about characterization being great and the awesomeness that is Adam. Adam in particular intrigues me, because he's, you know, Adam. I think you're handling his character really well given how little we know about him—he seems to fit into the universe seamlessly.

One question, though: in the summary, didn't you mean that Adam receives a visit from an old friend? Unless you meant that Leonardo's logic comes up and says: "Hello, and by the way you're lost," and the Doctor's like FFFFFFFFFF

Anyway, I'm really intrigued to see what you do next!!

Date: 2011-06-21 04:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
I'm glad that the story is still accessible even without knowing the other fandom.

The summary? That's my bad. I should have clarified that it's a general summary of the story rather than that of the chapter. Whenever I have to write a summary of the chapter I feel like it sounds like a newsreel so I avoid them. "IN THIS WEEK'S EPISODE, OUR PLUCKY TRAVELERS ARE IN TROUBLE AGAIN!" In the old series of Who, the Doctor visits Leonardo's bottega and they keep missing each other.

We have a couple of other wrinkles coming up to smooth over so hope to get more written. I'm glad that it's keeping people curious

Date: 2011-06-22 09:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexwhitewell.livejournal.com
i'm so excite. i must have moooorrreeee :D

Date: 2011-06-22 10:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
Ha! I'm glad you like it. I have more in the works. Hopefully that will also be appealing.

Date: 2011-06-24 01:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wanderingflame.livejournal.com
Talk about a cliffhanger! As interesting as Adam is, I do miss Desmond. I hope he comes back in one piece.

This was another really intriguing installment in this series. There are times I feel like I might be missing out on something, being unfamiliar with Doctor Who beyond the Doctor and the TARDIS. At the same time, I don't feel like that lack of knowledge creates a barrier to entry for the fic. It just makes me go "Hmmm..." during parts like when Adam says, "Your other half. Where is he?" Perhaps I'll have to look into that...

I really liked Adam helping Ezio expand his use of Eagle Vision too. Very cool way to work in how it will change in Revelations.

Definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Date: 2011-06-24 02:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alexb49.livejournal.com
I wish there was a brain to text computer program so my convoluted plot would just appear on screen. Trying to cycle through multiple ongoing stories is a trip but I'm working on this to get more out.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOCTOR WHO. The series is an old favorite of mine and I particularly love what Stephen Moffat is doing with it.

We will be seeing Desmond again soon. Slow writer is slow.


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